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Prosperity Through Security

The Constitution’s opening lines lay out government’s most important duties, chief among them to “provide for the common defense.” In a world that grows more dangerous by the day, American military might is more important than ever – not just for our security, but also for our prosperity.

History proves that American strength fosters American wealth. Since our nation’s earliest days, our Armed Forces have confronted and defeated threats to trade and prevented our enemies from taking advantage of us. More than two centuries later, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force continue to protect American interests on sea, land, air, and space.

As our economy grows, our military might must continue to increase, as well. The United States has to stay on the cutting-edge of military technology, so that we can defeat any enemy who dares to threaten us.

By extending the dominance of our Armed Forces, we also expand economic opportunity. Conversely, when our Armed Forces are neglected, our economic prosperity is threatened. The past decade proves it. Instead of supporting our fighting men and women, politicians cut the military’s budget. They refused to invest in the next-generation tools to keep our Armed Forces far ahead of our adversaries.

Yet while America stood still, our adversaries began to close the gap. As they strengthened their militaries, they began to pressure America’s ability to protect our economic interests across the globe. American security and prosperity began to suffer.

Only recently did we start to address this crisis. Over the past two years, our government made historic investments in national defense. We’re giving our Armed Forces the tools they need to fight and win, anytime and anywhere. With renewed American strength, we’re setting the stage for renewed American prosperity.

It’s critical we keep investing in our military might. The threats facing our country and our economy are significant, and growing worse. Our Armed Forces must grow stronger at least as fast, or faster.

Radical Islamic Terrorism continues to endanger American interests across the world. We may have destroyed the ISIS caliphate, but terrorists are still plotting dastardly attacks on American citizens and property. The terrorists will do anything to disrupt our economy – only a well-equipped and highly-trained military can stop them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran also endangers our prosperity. Its recent attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East sent the price of oil skyrocketing. Like the terrorists it also supports, Iran is determined to hurt our economy using any means necessary. The only thing that will restrain them is the deterrent effect of overwhelming American power.

Finally, Communist China is rapidly building its military. It plans to use its strength to drive America from the Indo-Pacific region and control all trade and commerce in that part of the world, and even beyond). In the face of Chinese pressure, the United States must assert itself. This requires better, fairer trade deals, but it also demands our military might. China will rewrite the rules in the Indo-Pacific unless the American Armed Forces are there to keep those rules – and the peace – in place.

America became the richest nation on Earth because we’re the most powerful nation on Earth. It was true in the 20th Century, and it’s just as true in the 21st Century. If we let other nations match, or exceed our strength, our country will not only be less secure – we’ll be less prosperous, too.

We will never let that happen. It’s time to make our military stronger than ever before. Because when America grows stronger, America grows richer.