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Freedom and Free Enterprise

America is the richest nation in history because of one word: Freedom.

In this country, freedom defines us. Here, we don’t let government control our daily lives. We don’t let politicians pick winners and losers. We even built an entire economic system with freedom at its core. We call it free enterprise – and it’s one of the most powerful systems ever created.

Free enterprise is the engine of American progress.

It allowed us to cure diseases that once killed millions of people. It gave us the electricity that turned darkness into light and powers every part of our lives. It took us from ox-carts to cars to the space shuttle in less than 200 years. It gave us the internet and the ability to instantly communicate with anyone, anywhere. And at this very moment, free enterprise is breaking down the biggest barriers that stand in our way – bringing us closer to a brighter, safer, and more prosperous future every single day.

And yet there are some who want to stop that progress – who want to turn back the clock. Shockingly, liberals want to undermine the freedom at the heart of America’s success.

The modern liberal wants to replace individual freedom and free enterprise with government control. They think bureaucrats should make our choices for us. Look no further than liberal policies for proof.

The left wants “Medicare for All” – a complete government takeover of health care that would outlaw private insurance. We’d no longer have the freedom to choose the plan we want, the doctors we like, or the treatments we need. Instead, nameless bureaucrats would make all those choices for us. Taxes would also skyrocket for everyone – including the middle class.

This would be a disaster for the American people. Letting bureaucrats run health care means less money in our pockets, longer waits at the doctor’s office, and rationing – putting Americans’ lives at risk from lack of world-class medical care. The simple truth is that when you put politics over patients, patients lose. Do we really want Washington destroying our health care? That’s what we’d get with Medicare for All.

We can’t afford the so-called Green New Deal, either. While Medicare for All is a government takeover of health care, the Green New Deal is basically a government takeover of the rest of economy. The only thing green about it is the trillions of dollars it will cost in higher taxes.

And it’s not just taxes. Under the Green New Deal, Washington would be in charge of pretty much everything that involves energy – which is pretty much everything. Free enterprise would be completely replaced by government mandates. Energy bills would go through the roof for millions of Americans. Millions of good-paying jobs would also disappear overnight. Factories, farms, and families would all suffer. The only ones who’d win are the select few companies that would get billions of dollars in sweetheart deals from liberal politicians.

Under the Green New Deal, you couldn’t even eat that cheeseburger you want – apparently it’s part of the problem.

When you get right down to it, the left’s entire economic agenda is anti-freedom and anti-free enterprise. They want to force us to buy what they want, not what we want. They want to dictate what we do with our hard-earned money. They want to wrap job creators in so much red tape they can’t create jobs anymore. They want to subsidize failing businesses and drive successful ones out of business. And from the very top of the economy to the bottom, liberals want to be the ones calling the shots.

There’s a name for that: Socialism. Everywhere it’s been tried around the world, it has crushed economies and devastated lives. We can’t let liberals do the same to America.

Thomas Jefferson said, “the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” As Americans, we will protect our freedom and our free-enterprise system – for our sake and for future generations.